Early in the season last year, it became quite clear that the Texas Longhorns were going to be needing a new coach. Despite the fact that Texas came back from a dismal beginning of the season to knock off the number eight team in country, it was apparent to all Longhorns fans that Charlie Strong was on his way out the door. There is a now a new sheriff in town, and his name is Tom Herman. Herman is a very young coach, at just forty-one years old, and is without question a fan favorite. His last job was in Houston, where he legitimized a team that had been off of the National radar for a long time.

After an upset of the number nine team in the country, Tom Herman boldly stated that they had put the Houston Cougars back on the National map. After losing just one game in 2015, while consistently remaining in the top ten in the country, Herman and the Cougars took a slight backslide in 2016. However, Herman literally transformed the Houston program and finished two seasons at 22-4, which is truly a remarkable finish. As a result of his rapid success, he became highly desirable to some of the top teams in the country. Texas has been fortunate enough to swoop him up, and if things go as well as they did in Houston, it looks like the Longhorns are going to get the revival that they have so desperately needed.

There is a long standing football tradition in the city of Austin. Texas is known as being one of the best teams in the country and that identity is something that they have been missing for several seasons. One of the biggest reasons why Tom Herman looks like he is going to fit in amazingly well in Texas, is that he really is a players coach. His players over the years have had great support for him and have given him quite a bit of praise. Tom Herman has also held quite a bit of jobs in the state of Texas and has also worked for the university in the past.

When you look at a program like Houston, which is a team that has no where near the notoriety that Texas has, it is pretty amazing was Herman was able to do. Taking that amount of success to a storied team is something that can only add up to success, which is why things are truly looking bright, both for Herman and the Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns also have some amazing players on their roster and are without question one of the best teams in the country when it comes to recruiting players. Herman is likely going to play a big role in attracting new talent to Texas in the upcoming years. One of the reasons why things look so great for this team right now, is merely the fact that players love playing for Tom Herman.

After winning just a handful of games last year, a fun and energetic coach is something that the Longhorns have desperately been searching for. With so many teams vying for a shot at getting Tom Herman as their coach, the Longhorns are undoubtedly lucky to have him. Herman is also going to be coaching at a school that he has wanted to coach at for a very long time, which just adds to the potential dynamic for next season. The Longhorns players and fans have quite a bit to look forward to next season, as there is a very good chance they will be in the top ten next year.