Finding a Sports Betting System That You Can Trust – Steps to Making a Profit

Are you like me, tired of being constantly frustrated by being told by various web sites, or even from the emailers that these are the best picks of the day. You know the type, they use aORS Betting System or some such rubbish.

If you follow sports, you know that nothing ever comes easy. If you study the statistics, you know that certain groups never win the major pasta-sen tournaments. If you interested in team sports, you already know that certain groups never win the daylight hours.

What I see now, are people trying to use the same Betting System that others have used, and are trying to repackage it, and claim it is “better” than what others are using.

At a recent meeting of the Club Sports Book, I met an expert poker player, Carlo about his poker tournament strategy. When we were speaking, he admitted that one of his big mistakes was involving his terminology.

He started talking about caps, which was a slang term for a great play. He said that at one time he considered a flush to be a cap, but not anymore. Now, he preferred to call a flush “a turn” or a set “the set”, and nothing else.

This might be true because for some players, a flush has some power, but a set has less power than a flush. However, if you have a better hand than he does, you want to get as much money as possible on the table as fast as possible. You don’t want to slow down the game and let a guy that wants to buy a car into the pot.

When I met Carlo, he mentioned that at one time he was selling cars, and a set of LeBron James’ shoes. Now, he only sells SUVs. When I asked him what advice he would give to someone that wants to sell SUVs, he said, “Buy the house sooner, you can make more money exposing the house to less buyers, and something on the order of $20,000 per month will let you run your money up to $50,000 per month, and you can do it two ways. First, the money buys the house, and second, it buys the money you need to operate your business.”

Ok, so be careful of the flim-flam man. He is out to make a quick buck, and he doesn’t care about his clients. He would take your money if the situation were different. I remember a young guy, college age, about twenty something, going into a downtown casino and throwing down about $20,000 to gamble. Later, the kid couldn’t pay his rent because he had no credit. The kid ended up losing his job and about $20,000 to his family.

It is easier to start trading your way to wealth. I am not going to teach you how to break the Bank or put together a diverse portfolio of stocks, but rather, I am going to teach you how to do it quickly in a closed system.

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