Sit and Go Poker - Card Counting Lesson Five

Sit and Go Poker – Card Counting Lesson Five

In the last few posts I have discussed methods for blackjack card counting and have given general rules and a simple card counting method. In this article I will continue the discussion of card counting and show you why it is actually possible to count cards and win big.

The whole purpose of card counting is to know the proportion of low cards to high cards in the deck and determine when the deck is rich in high cards or low cards. A card counter knows if the ratio of high cards to low cards is favorable or not. If it is favorable, the counter can bet more money, or if the deck is rich in low cards he can bet less money. In general, a card counter will bet more when he has a large proportion of high cards compared to a small proportion of low cards.

In the movie ’21’, when the MIT students play the role of casino dealers for the weekend they plan to ensnare a wealthy businessman along with his wife. When the wife suggests they should skip the casino, the gambler shoots his foot and yells ‘Bingo!’, then he and the dealer both vanish.

The movie ’21’ gave the credit to a MITrical Watch Professor, who figured out a pattern in casino cards. He detected a sequence of numbers that always appeared on the cards in a sequential order. Using hisPattern Analysis, he could always determine on the cards if there would be another card with the same number in the upcoming dealing. If the card indeed showed the number he had bet on, then he received a large amount of money. In this way he could make a lot of money by counting cards.

MITricks Card Counting Algorithm

MITricks card counting algorithm is as simple as 1-2-3. First, you must count the low cards in the deck and then add 1 to your running count. The running count is simply the count you keep of how many cards are still in the deck.

Now, you need to perform the necessary operations in your card counting algorithm. When you are playing, you should keep a running count. When you are waiting for cards, you can add 1 to your count for every card drawn. The running count now serves as your card ranking system.

Card ranking is simply the ranking of the number of cards in a single row, column or diagonal. Card numbers play a big role in the running count. If you do not know the running count, you can use a table or ceramic mentally to keep track of the cards. I recommend using a fold of paper to notes you have marked to remind you. When you are satisfied with your card ranking, you can then move to the next stage.

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If you have correctly marked the rank of the cards and the sequence on the cards, you are ready to play the dealer. Wait for the shuffle to complete. You do not really want to be in the dealer position, as the dealer will generally be in a higher position position than you. In the post dealing situations, you are responsible to count the cards in the discard pile.

When the deck of card is placed face down, you can then begin to collect the cards by placing your hands on the top of the deck. In parallel, the dealer will take the top card of the deck. The face down card of the dealer is referred to as the up card. After this, the dealer will place the next card facing up in the top of the deck (see the picture on the right). By doing this, the dealer tries to prevent the players and the dealer from knowing what is the true count. He/she will make four to six bets depending on the hand rank and the number of cards in the deck (ultraroyal flush needs more bets; royal flush is paid at even money).

After this, the dealer will turn the next card up in the deck, and do the same thing again. Essentially, the dealer will ‘draw’ the cards until he/she manages to get out of the way of the players chasing a better hand. And, the players will discover that a better hand will come closer or same to the hand they were drawing from, hence the reason you do not want the dealer to get out of your way… you want your hand to win!

By this time you would have doubled your bet and probably would have had three or four hands or more by this point. But, if the dealer had an ace card or a face card in the hole, you would still lose to a higher hand.

That is the basics of double down and how to win at blackjack. Good luck!

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