Winning Poker Strategy - Perfecting Your Poker Face

Winning Poker Strategy – Perfecting Your Poker Face

Your opponents will try to read your reactions in the cards you play. So, do not let them read you. The best hand is the nuts in all situations. That is what will get you the money in the long term.

If you have a really good hand, like AA or KK or QQ, etc. even if you have nothing on the flop, you should not raise. People will call you with any draw cards andate the trash anyway. If you think you have the best hand on the flop just check it.

Drawing hands are interesting in many ways. Not only are you tempted to draw to the nuts, you have a good opportunity to slow play your hand and win a larger pot.

Much of the skill of poker lies in the perfect prediction of the outcome of the cards you hope to get or cards that maybe you should not have been dealt.

In the event you Missed the Flop. If you are not in the proper position and your cards did not hit by the river, you should consider bluffing a pot if your opponent will not go away. If you feel that you have the best hand, you should keep the pot small and slow. Going for the nut low after sniffing the air is not often a correct decision.

In the event you Hit the Flop. If you have the best hand, you should proceed cautiously. Strike while there is still some bucks in the air. If you make a large raise or re-raise you may scare your opponent off. If you have some outs you should keep betting, but mix it up and don’t be predictable. If you have none, fold.

First, set a limit for losses and a time limit for the game. During the game don’t drink any more than what you feel comfortable with, this applies to everything from food to drugs to alcohol. If you are tired or upset you may make mistakes that cost you the game. 2 hours of play in a tough casino is not easy to do, so if you feel tired you should quit.

Software Systems:

  1. Pokerulator 3.0.3- The Pokerulator is specifically designed for Texas Holdem. It has a lot of great features. It loads up really fast and runs great.
  2. Texas Holdem Manager 5.3.1- The Texas Holdem Manager is a poker odds calculator. With this poker odds calculator you have to keep track of all the players and the hands. This is very useful if you play a lot of poker and need to keep track of all your statistics. On the other hand if you play very loose you will need a poker odds calculator to do this.
  3. DewaPoker Factor 3.2.1- The Poker Factor is a program that keeps track of your poker sessions and tracks your decisions in each game. This is very handy if you play many sit and go’s.
  4. Team see 4 hand coach 3.1.2- If you really want to improve you poker game you should add lots of hands into your software program. In this version of poker. Team see 4 is a software designed to help improve poker hands.
  5. Poker Bot 3.1.1- You can get a hold of a poker bot program which will play for you all the time and earn you lots of money. This version of poker bot is online poker tournament very useful and can earn you large amount of money. You must have patience to build lots of money. Poker Bot 3 is a great tool for you to win game.

What we can say about Poker Aces is that its one of the best combination of software which you can use to your advantage. If you think that you don’t have what it takes, it is possible to re-program it so that it recognizes your starting hand and will hold on to it if you raise the pot. Also it will play for you aggressively if you give it the instruction to be aggressive. When you use this poker helper it helps you to get over the bad beats easily.

So for those who want to win at online poker and who want to make their living from online poker, you can buy a poker chip set from us and can improve your game in a few days.

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